Berkshire County, Tyringham, MA

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“Tyringham has a CPO which is a Community Post Office that is run by the Town. We also have a Transfer Station for our trash and recycling.

The Tyringham Volunteer Fire Company is our source for fire protection, medical attention and first responders.  The Tyringham Police Department has a chief and four officers, one of whom is employed full time. Tyringham has no public transportation.

Tyringham zoning regulations - we are governed by protective By Laws.

The church in town is the Tyringham Union Church and is located on Main Road.  The Sisters of the Visitation have a Monastery on Beach Road. Their chapel is open to the public for Mass on Sunday and Catholic Holidays.

BUSINESSES - There is no shopping, banking or other commercial businesses in Tyringham; that is all done in area towns. There is a "special event" facility - Santarella. They host dinners, weddings and the like.

SPECIAL EVENTS - The Fire Company holds an annual Special Event on the first Saturday in August every year. This is their major fundraiser for the year and helps supply them with the equipment that is needed to protect themselves as well as protect the community and its citizens.

CLUBS - The Hop Brook Community Club raises money for scholarships to local students and hosts lectures. They also put out an annual publication, the Tyringham Topics, written by residents. The Valley Club plants flowers to decorate the center of Tyringham.”


Things to do:

Tyringham Cobble

Ashintully Gardens 

McLennan Reservation